Spree Forest Village Leipe


An island in the Spree Forest´s.

Leipe is located in the midst of the Spree Forest on a sandbank that is 800 metres long and 400 metres wide and that is completely surrounded by the Spree and the “Leipe ditch”. This is why the Spree Forest punt has long been the only possibility to reach Leipe – due to the remoteness of farms, for some farmers it is like that until today.

A pavement exists since 1936 – today the Europe hiking trail “E 19” – connecting Lübbenau and Leipe. It is only since 1969 that this district of Lübbenau can be reached by car via a small road. With temperatures below zero and streams being frozen, Leipe attracts ice- skaters for special excursions as well.Usually, visitors reach the small Spree Forest village with only 130 inhabitants in the course of extensive punt tours. The villages' bilingual name sign points at the lower Sorbian name “Lipje” which means linden.

The village is constructed in a circular way. The typical combined stable-living buildings usually reach a length of 20 metres pointing with the gables direction towards the river Spree. Cultural life is especially oriented towards preserving the traditions of the Spree Forest and cultivating of old handicrafts. It is in particular the fishery, the cultivation of vegetables and stock farming that are to be found in their original forms in the Spree Forest village Leipe.



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