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The ABC of Punt Tours


""And so as the network of Spree canals lacks nothing of the flair of Venice, the Spreewald gondolier ploughs his furrow through the endlessly tangled web of streams in his boat!"
Theodor Fontane


City of Punts


At least since the mid 19th century, Lübbenau is known as the "city of punts". The traditional wooden boat (German: Kahn) has always been essential for residents to reach the partially almost impassable Spreewald. The ferryman (German: Kahnfährmann) steers the punt with a long oar (German: Rudel), that is approximately four metres long - this activity is called punting (German: staken). In this traditonal manner guests are being guided through the water labyrinth to this very day.

Harbour Quarter


Altogether five harbours are offering the whole variety of traditional punt tours in Lübbenau. In addition there are several smaller departure points, also in Lübbenau's districts. In total there are more than 200 ferrywoman and -men punting Lübbenau's visitors through the Spreewald waterway network.
Round trips are offered by all of these harbours and are very popular: shorter tours to the village Lehde, longer tours to the village Leipe or to “Wotschofska” the oldest restaurant in Spreewald.


Departure times


Punt tours departs daily at 10 am from April to October from every harbour.
After a short waiting time (about 30 minutes)  all guests will be seated on the punt and the punter will start with you the tour into the Spreewald landscape.

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