Welcome to the city of punts and pickles

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“The lagoon city in pocket format:
Venice, how it might have been 150 years ago. One cannot see anything more lovely than this Lehde that consists of as many islands as it has houses.”
Theodor Fontane.

The village Lehde is a unique place in the midst of Spree Forest which consists of many small islands that are surrounded by the streams of the Spree and are connected only through small pedestrian bridges. The village, which is a protected heritage site was solely accessible by boat until 1929. It was only then that a connection to the neighbouring town Lübbenau of which Lehde is a part, was established.

Even today, individual farms are not connected to the road system and can only be headed for by boat. This has most diverse consequences for the approximately 150 inhabitants of this lagoon village. They depend – at least from April until October – on Germany's only post ferrywoman who distributes the post to Lehde's households with her yellow punt. 

The fire brigade and garbage collection have their own punts as well to make sure their work is being done on the waterways.

The waterways in Lehde do practically replace the road system. These streams have Sorbian/Wendian names based on old tradition.

Many houses in this 700 year old village are prepared in a way that is typical for the Spree Forest. They are built almost solely out of wood, have roofs covered by reeds and have very often Sorbian/Wendian snake symbols at their gables.

These traditional houses grant a fairytale-like aura to Lehde and are fascinating to numerous visitors over and over again.

The association Lehde e.V.,  phone: 49 3542  29 44, will provide you with further information.


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